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How to save cigarettes?

"Cigarettes have a production date, but it's not easy to see." According to a senior technical staff said, when the regular cigarette factory in its large packaging boxes and product certification, will clearly mark the specific production date, and in each and every box of cigarettes, most manufacturers are not clearly marked, the National Tobacco authorities in this regard there is no uniform provisions. As in all aspects of the tobacco industry producers, operators and quality of supervision and monitoring professionals generally know cigarette specific production date, only as "smokers" newport 100s carton consumers couldn't be learned. At present, there is no brand of cigarettes in the country will indicate the shelf life, in many countries of foreign cigarettes do not indicate shelf life.The marlboro cigarettes may be saved for two years.

Although the cigarette packaging is not clearly marked shelf life information, but this does not mean that the cigarette is never expired. In fact, tobacco leaf roll made of cigarettes, the same is with the shelf life of the. It is understood that the regular cigarette companies in the production marlboro red 100s of cigarettes, in the ex factory will mark the production date on the outsourcing of cartons, through the production date will be able to calculate the appropriate expiration date.

In general, the shelf life of cigarettes is about one or two years, but due "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" to the differences in storage environment, the shelf life of cigarettes will be different. For example, in high temperature and high humidity environment, after a summer of cigarettes will be a deterioration, and in the dry cold area, the shelf life of more than 2 years, if stored in the refrigerator, then the shelf life is as long as a few years, even 10 years. Of course, the duration of the shelf life of the cigarette, only to the whole of Kaifeng is not a cigarette. For unpacking a single pack of cigarettes smoked, as soon as possible. In addition, due to the marlboro cannabis distribution of cigarettes in the distribution process, the outsourcing of cartons has been lost, so probably some dealers do not know hookah tobacco their own production date of the sale of cigarettes, which suggested the new purchase of cigarettes, but also should be finished as soon as possible.
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